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What If ...

I Work Hard but No Raise
Squeezing Money out of Hard work and Good luck
A few years ago, Donna took a job with a management consulting company for a flat salary. However, her business savvy, winning personality, and ability to manage teams have brought her to the attention of several executives who have used her services. Because they appreciate Donna so much, they have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars of business to Donna's company.
Still, no one in Donna's firm has mentioned the idea of an increase in pay. Sure, she's gotten the standard raises like everyone else, but there's been no mention of real money. Donna is becoming a little perturbed, and wonders if she is out of line for feeling this way.
I say, Donna is justified in feeling a LOT perturbed-sort of. Pay ought to be commensurate with the value produced for the company. Donna is clearly producing far more than what she is being paid. She ought to be rewarded for her outstanding contributions. The reason I say "sort of" is that the Donnas of the world can't just sit back and wait for the employer to say, "Donna, you really deserve more money. Let me take you out to lunch at a swanky restaurant to discuss this."
In some companies, Donna could be waiting until she retires for that to happen. Instead, Donna has to be proactive and ask for what she's worth. If the employer isn't willing to pay what she's worth…well, there are lots of others who will. See separate article on how to get a raise.