Article #17 From the "What If ..." Library on Salary Negotiation

What If ...

I Made a Negotiation Mistake

Fixing Negotiation Mistakes

Oooops!  You spilled the beans!  You told the employer about your past/current salary before the interview.  Is it all over--or can you recover?

Good news!  It's not too late to recover.  If you've got the interview, be happy and make the most of it.  You can still play your cards and negotiate.

Remember, you are paid for the size of the responsibilities you handle.  If they want someone to answer the phone and do filing, that is one set of responsibilities, while  managing an office with 60 employees is another.  What you were paid in the past was for a set of responsibilities that may be very different from the current ones.  Past salary doesn't necessarily measure what you can or will do for them. 

You haven't discussed the responsibilities for the job yet, so when the time comes, ask probing questions about the problems and issues involved with the job, and sell your capabilities and the expertise you have developed that will make you the best person to deal with those issues.  Then negotiate using the techniques discussed in my book.