Jim: Being courted by smaller company who couldn't pay! Creative compensation package included perks, benefits, tax benefits and Greens Fees! 



Jerry: Fifteen minute coaching nets 45,000 cash and up to $25,000 over that Book got the strategy, coaching built the courage. 

 Step #5 (of 5) Clinch the Deal and Deal Some More

5. Salary-Making Rule #5: 
Clinch the Deal and Deal Some More

When you have a deal, don't say "yes," yet. On the other hand, don't say, "Maybe." Give a "conditional yes," with enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is what the interviewer wants to see and hear. 

Your goal at this point is give yourself time to think it over, time to make sure you haven't forgotten or overlooked something, but you donít want the employer to think youíre not excited. 

Hereís a starter list of possible benefits and perks. They can add thousands of dollars to your paycheck in cash and in kind. Medical, dental, life, disability insurance; wellness days; profit sharing; training; deferred compensation, tuition reimbursement; lots of others. Relocation benefits have about 10 components so if thatís in the cards, check it out thoroughly. 

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Real Life Example: Rule #5