Jim: Being courted by smaller company who couldn't pay! Creative compensation package included perks, benefits, tax benefits and Greens Fees! 



Jerry: Fifteen minute coaching nets 45,000 cash and up to $25,000 over that. Book got the strategy, coaching built the courage. 


Jill: Tempted to give in and take what she was offered to be safe, but research gave her confidence to negotiate anyway. 

 Step #3 (of 5) Your First Response

3. Salary-Making Rule #3: Silence

Quiz: What is a 4-letter word, that has no vowels, you won’t find in the dictionary, and which will make you money every time you use it with negotiating precision?
Give up? I love this technique for Salary-Making Rule #3: A single word that buys 30 seconds of silence. Thirty second pause really amps up the pressure on employers to offer you more.

Many of my clients have said this is the one technique that has made them the maximum amount of money with the minimum amount of effort. All you need to do is shut up – not too hard, eh? It takes more than a short paragraph to explain this move. I wrote it up in an article. 

The move is called “The Flinch.” If you're interested I'd be happy to share the entire article I've prepared with you on rule #3. Simply put your information into the form below, click submit, and the auto responder will send it to you straight away.

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Real Life Example: Rule #3


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