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It's the best way to make sure you don't "leave any money on the table"

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Still not convinced? Read on:
Because After all My Years in this Business, the Best Advice I Can Still Give Anyone is this:

"Get Live Individualized Coaching"

Why? First off, because salary coaching is my passion and what I'm really good at, it's produced without a doubt the best results by far that I have achieved with and for my clients (and, believe me, they are both large and many.

Secondly, because the difference between “Knowing what to do” and “Doing what you know ” is practice and coaching.

Specifically, it’s coaching to make a customized-to-you negotiating plan that makes the difference.

You see, no amount of information can really help you if it's not customized to your individual situation. Finally, this is the most vitally important, complex and slipperiest portion of your career path -- it's 5 - 15 minutes worth of conversation that determines what you're paid for months and years; it's the whole reason you go to work to begin with and no one trains you how to do it.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

The fact is, in the vast majority of cases, your prospective employer will always have the upper hand (with a considerable time and experience advantage over you) in these negotiations. Having 'The Salary Coach' on your team not only provides you with the ultimate equalizer but, more importantly, can make the difference between winning and losing. Over the years I've literally helped thousands of people increase their base salaries, bonuses and benefit packages to the tune of tens, and in some cases hundreds, of thousands of dollars. And I can do the same for you too...

So what exactly is salary coaching and how does it work?

Simply put, salary coaching is a one on one conversation over the phone where I personally help you handle your individual negotiations so you make more money.  In it, we'll cover...

  • What you say
  • How you say it
  • When you say it
  • The order of negotiation items
  • The decision-maker configuration at the employer's company
  • The role of a recruiter and/or H.R.
  • The array of benefits, perks, bonuses, options,
  • Whether you have another offer or not
  • Whether you are free and "Can walk away," or
  • Whether you're strapped, and "Can't afford to lose this offer,"
  • What your "Individual Value" is and how it can boost your income
  • How to calculate your market value
  • Rehearsing just the right words and phrases to say...

You get my point. Basically we cover anything and everything unique to your particular negotiating circumstances.

Would you like to read some examples of the difference truly effective coaching has made in people's lives? You can also visit our home page and hear for yourself what some former clients have to say about their experiences.

Many straightforward salary coaching sessions can be done for under $175.  I have different rates and packages for C-Level, Exec, Mid Management, and Entry Level positions.  Remember, the larger jobs with larger salaries are where the most money can be lost! If you're a doctor or an engineer, let me know and I'll let you in on some special techniques that have put a lot of money in some pockets. Regardless of the package size, however, they all pay for themselves many times over.

So, if you saying to yourself "I don't have to 'buy' help; I can do this all on my own" of course you're right and you will. BUT, if you tell yourself "I can do this ten times better with a knowledgeable and talented coach by my side, you're right again! To prove my point, consider what these STARS, and for that matter every other successful person you can think of, all have in common?

The pictures below might seem a bit sentimental, (some would say downright hokey). They are meant to inspire you in the knowing that even the best of the best have used a coach or two along the way. My marketing guys said I should drop it but I insisted inspiration plays a crucial role when anyone feels called to do something out of the ordinary. So, I ask again, what do these great performers and personalities have in common?


You're right, again. They all used a COACH to help them achieve performance and advance their careers to their greatest potential, needless to say, way beyond average! I mean this with all sincerity, it would be my great privilege to coach you through your next salary negotiations and ensure that you get your greatest potential compensation package, that is to say way above average money and benefits.

Yours in success,

The Salary Coach