About Jack Chapman

If I had to pick one thing I wanted people to know about me, it would be that the way I got to be good at my work was by doing some things right, but also by taking risks and making mistakes--mistakes that I learned from.

Some lessons were cheap, some were expensive--very expensive! Over time, I became clever at helping others avoid mistakes I learned. (A favorite Peanuts cartoon is about this very point. I describe it at the bottom of this page F.Y.E., if you want to read it.)

So the kind of guy I like to think I am is this:

  • I always think very well of people;
  • I believe that we all try our level best to do the right thing.
  • Sometimes, we don't make it--those are the lessons.

Helping people actually succeed in their goals and dreams is a privilege for me, and I have more fun than a kid in a candy store, especially when dreams and goals turn into real jobs for real good money!

Since How to Make $1000 a Minute was first published in 1986, Jack has become a specialist in all aspects of salary and raise negotiations--from high-profile executive negotiations worth an additional $300,000, to strategies an hourly-wage worker can use to bargain for extra benefits or perks.

He has personally assisted over 2,000 individuals, one-on-one, in improving their careers through the challenges of job changes, career planning, and entrepreneurship, and has influenced countless others through his many seminars, courses, lectures, TV and radio appearances, and newspaper columns.

Jack's background includes seven years of study in the Jesuit order, where he earned a B.A. degree with 5 majors: Classics, Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics, and English. The holder of a master's degree in Vocational Guidance, he has had a wide variety of careers himself--teaching at the high school and college level, real estate management, corporate training and development, and career management consulting.

Jack lives in Wilmette, Illinois. He can be reached at 847-251-4727

Here's my favorite Charlie Brown cartoon F.Y.E.

Frame one: Lucy is writing something at her desk. Charlie asks, "Lucy, what are you doing?"

Frame two: Lucy says, "I am making a list of all the lessons I've learned in life."

Frame three: Charlie returns to find Lucy still writing. This time, though, she's on her hands and knees writing on a second list. This list starts on top of the desk, and scrolls three or four feet down onto the floor where Lucy is furiously adding more lines.

Charlie asks, "Now what are you doing?"

Lucy, "These are the things I learned the hard way!"


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