The "What if..." Library of Salary Negotiation Questions

Bonus Articles for those who bought the book

What If... Library  Title in 2006 edition 
What if Employer is INSISTANT? Countering an Aggressive Employer
What if I started the job at a low salary? Took a Low Offer  -- Now What?
What if they contact a past employer,
will they get salary info?
Can My Employer Find Out How Much I am Making?
What if I got a signing bonus
but now I would like to quit?
Are Bonuses Refundable?
What if it's an employer's market? Salary Negotiations In a Slow Market
What if I want sweet revenge for layoff?  
What if I want it in writing? More About When to Get It In Writing
What if I work hard but no raise? Squeezing Money Out of Hard Work and Good Luck/More Work - Same Pay.  Now What?
What if I find out coworkers salary? Using Internal Information About Salary
What if negotiating telecommuting? Negotiating Telecommuting
What if it's a slow economy? Salary Negotiations in a Slow Economy *
What if promotion is really lateral? Promotion or a Lateral Move?
What if I'm paid lower for part time? Full Time vs. Part Time - Change in Pay?
What if I want to negotiate departure issues upfront? Deferred Compensation: Why Wait?
What if I want to compare new pay to old?  
What if I want to know the going rate?  
What if I already made a negotiating mistake?  
What if I need to know competing salaries?  
What if I only get fair compensation?  
What if I already accepted an offer that's too low?  Catching Up After Starting at a Low Salary
What if I decide to walk away?  Negotiations: Be Willing to Walk Away
What if I an Employer finds out my salary?  Can My Employer Find Out How Mush I'm Making?*
What if I need more postponing phrases?  
What if I find out I'm underpaid?  
What if I'm paid less because I'm a woman?  Underpaid? Women & Salary Negotiations /
Why Men Earn More and What To Do Abount It
What if I want to negotiate benefits?  Negotiating Health Benefits & Other Perks
What if they offer deferred comp?