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My book and I have helped over 150,000 people negotiate great salaries and raises. 
Everyone’s negotiations are unique. 
--What you say,
--How you say it,
--When you say it,
--The order of negotiation items,
--The decision-maker configuration at the employer's company,
--The role of a recruiter and/or H.R.,
--The array of benefits, perks, bonuses, options,
--Whether you have another offer or not,
--Whether you are free and "Can walk away," or
--Whether you're strapped, and "Can't afford to lose this offer,"
--etc., etc., etc.
--There are literally hundreds of combinations and components that make your negotiation unique to you.

So, while I wish I could put 150,000 case studies of information on my site, and give you the exact formula for your compensation.   Obviously... can’t be done.   I do have an array of free information, my book, teleclasses, and coaching to help you.
I can suggest you choose the one of the FIVE LEVELS of information and coaching that will produce the most value for you.
Level 1. Basics – take advantage of lots of free info on this site.
You might choose this if you have no imminent salary negotiation needs. 
You Should 
--Read and memorize the 5 rules. 
--Read all 10 strategies A through J and see which ones can apply to you. 
--Submit your request so you, too can blurt out a “4-letter word” that works every time!
--Special Report:  Starting around the year 2001, employers have become increasingly insistent about having candidates reveal their past earnings.  Don't miss the special article on this.
--If the Salary Negotiation Tutorial is up and running, take it; that will inform you further about the topic.
--Lastly, if the RESOURCES page is up... be sure to check it out. Lots of goodies there.

Level 2. The Book and $3,700 in 37 Minutes.
You might choose this if you feel fairly comfortable negotiating and need a "How to..." manual to give you an edge.
A "Level 2" can skip pouring through the website, because everything you need is in the book.:
--Click on “Purchase the book,” and download Negotiating Your Salary: How to make $1000 a Minute.  It takes 37 minutes to cover chapters 2 through 6.  You’ll readily absorb the book's thorough treatment of the five basic rules. The average compensation increase just from following the rules is $3,700.  Hence "$3,700 in 37 Minutes."  
UPDATES:  Along with the book, to keep up to date or to investigate a Special Problem in your negotiations, you'll get the password access to Continual Update Sections of the website with
--23+ special strategies for special situations and negotiation problems.
--the "What if.." library with answers to questions like <<What if I already spilled the beans...>> 
--news of new developments (Like a new "Linked-In" strategy to help figure out your up-to-date market value.)

Level 3)  Book and Bonus Package. Negotiating Your Salary: How to make $1000 a Minute. Plus 4 special enhancement bonuses:  
You might choose this level if you want the best "Do It Yourself" training.  One of the toughest rules to follow is postponing salary talk.  You get
--One:  the Audio which will give you so many examples and better than reading them you'll actually hear what they sound line. That way you'll be ready for the big question, "What are your salary requirements?"   Plus 3 other resources that will help your negotiations gowell. 
--Two:  How to lock in a future raise before you’re even finished negotiating your present job;
--Three:  How to handle nervousness and get the inner courage to negotiate and not back down;
--Four:  How to actually make the job bigger as a way for you make the salary bigger.


Level 4) Teleclasses.
You might choose a teleclass to get both a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of salary negotiations, AND individual coaching direct from the "guru" himself, Jack Chapman.
Each teleclass includes
--Tthe book: Negotiating Your Salary: How to make $1000 a Minute,
--All 4 bonuses included in Level 3,
--Reserved place in a class of 10 or fewer participants so, you'll get...
--individual attention in addition to an overall training in Salary Negotiations.
Level 5)  One on one coaching. 
You might choose this TOP OF THE LINE value if you have any negotiations coming up at all and want to make sure you get everything that is possible.
Coaching includes everything on levels 1 through 4, plus
--one-on-one real-time consultation where we will
--FIRST:  double check that I can actually make you more money than you invest
--SECOND dive in and figure out every relevant aspect of your negotiations so you make the best deal possible for yourself.
My coaching is “Net-net Free.” That is, the extra money, perks, benefits, etc., you negotiate with my coaching help is many times bigger than my coaching fees.  Coaching fees vary depending on whether you're negotiations are
--Mid-level professional, technical, managerial
--Executive level or
--"C" level negotiations.
 You can choose an hourly rate, or package rate -- which is most economical for negotiations that take several negotiating sessions.  [For instance a physician negotiating an academic chair along with a clinical practice may negotiate not only his/her own salary, perks,etc., but also significant budgets for labs, research assistance, interns, etc.  There are usually several negotiation sessions over a period of a few weeks.  Those, or any other stretched-out negotiations usually work well with a one-price-covers-all package.]
Individually Priced: Hourly or Package.

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"Slam dunk little $200 - $500 Perk."
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For any one who talks with Jack.