"Money still to be made even AFTER you've accepted the job!"
Jack Chapman
Here's what's in the Special Report: Negotiating AFTER you've accepted.

Lock in Your Raise Before Your First Day on the Job.
This is one of my best-kept secrets. Very few people know that they can often guarantee their raise before they start the new job. It’s right there for the taking.  All you have to do is know how to set it up!
This report gives you insider information on:   
 -- The best time to ask for a raise. (I call this the “Magic Hour.”) [page 1]   
-- 4 other goodies to ask for BEFORE you start working. (And why you should ask for them now, rather than later.) [page 2]
 -- Making the raise happen. (4 ways to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you deserve more money). [pages 4-5]  
 -- Increase your chances of getting a sign-on bonus. (4 situations in which you’re likely to get one if you ask.) [pages 7-8]
 -- How to get additional paid personal time beyond vacation. (Besides “sick” days, ask for “wellness” days...) [page 8]  
-- How to get a $250 - $1000 benefit that almost every employer will agree to, but only if you ask, and ask right. [Page 8] 
 -- One little-asked-for benefit that your company will usually grant you when you ask.  (This benefit makes things easier on you and saves you money.) [page 8]
 -- The single most important benefit to ask for BEFORE YOU NEED IT. (If you wait until you need it to ask, they’ll probably refuse.) [page 9]
 - -How to lock all of this in by getting it in writing. (Then have them initial the memo. They’re more likely to want to do that than “sign” a “contract,” yet you get the same results!) [pages 9-10]
 --Special Get-A-Raise Ammunition (How to make yourself your own job performance reviewer...to make sure your performance review is as fair as possible.) [pages 10-11]